Dominika T.

Dominika Tasková
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 anglický jazyk
  Praha, Kladno
  70% zodpovězených zpráv

I would like to mention some of mine skills and experiences which I am considering as strong. I studied an Associate School of Social work and Social pedagogy in Kladno where I finished in 2015. Early after graduation, I decided to be a part of Exchange program abroad, more precisely in The United States in California where I have been since 2015. I did not get just an opportunity to learn and get to know American culture better but I also could gain a lot of experiences as a person. I also have experiences with Montessori education.

I have a really good English level with strong communication ability which I still trying to make better with help of reading, watching movies and articles on the internet. I love to speak English and I would love to get the oppurtunity to speak English on the daily basic. Currently I am working as a substitute of teacher in Montessori Children’s house in Prague. I adore Montessori education and I would love to find a way to gain more experiences and have the possibility to earn more experiences to feel educated in this part of education.

I would like to describe myself as a hardworking person who is still willing to improve herself. I am able to always find a solution even under stressful situations and stay calm. I would describe myself as kind, easygoing, sensitive and reliable person. I am always interested to learn new skills and experiences. My hobbies are languages, cultures, fitness, healthy lifestyle and travel. My professional skills are English, driving license C, excellent attitude, confidence and good communication skills

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