English language - Cambridge levels A1-C2 and other English

Lenka K.

Lenka Klepáčová
Účet ověřený:

Cambridge English - A1-C2 and other English
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
210Kč - 410Kč za 60 minut
večer, víkend,
dochází za studenty
doučuje i skupiny
70% zodpovězených zpráv
26h průměrná rýchlost odpovědi

Zdravim vsetkych,
anglicky hovorim plynule levelom rodeneho hovoriaceho.
Zaoberam sa sukromnym doucovanim anglictiny vsetkych original Cambridge levelov a anglictiny ineho druhu.

Mam vyse 11 rokov realnej skusenosti kedy som pracovala s Britmi a zila priamo vo Velkej Britanii v Anglicku ( najma Londyn) ako aj v inych anglicky hovoriacich krajinach ako Skotsko, Severne Irsko.

Anglicky jazyk nie je iba mojou specialitou, ale najma konickom.

Cokolvek sa potrebujete naucit alebo prestudovat, som tu pre Vas, aby som pomohla tym najlepsim sposobom.

Tesim sa na Vasu skoru odpoved.

Lenka xx

For English speakers:
Hello everybody,
I speak fluent in English at the level of native speaker.
I do the private English tutoring at all original Cambridge levels and other English.

I've got over 11 years of real experience working with the Brits and living directly in the UK in England (especially London) and other English speaking countries like Scotland, Northern Ireland.

The English language is not mearly my hobby, but my speciality the most.

Whatever you need to learn or pour over I'm here for you to help the best way I can.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Lenka xx


Lenka has helped me a lot in the past as I was looking for, not very expensive, but experienced and also very patient person who would teach me basics and with her I have gotten farther than I thought I could. She is also very kind and talkative person and always willing to help you with everything, suit your needs. The only I can do is recommend her for sure. If I had to choose again I would go for her! :) Thanks a lot!

Tomáš R. - 24. 1. 2019

I'm from Italy originally and needed some tutoring when had arrived in England for a gap year. I found Lenka on the Internet just by chance and was very lucky how much I improved my English language skills. I recommend her for 100%. Thank you Lenka

Marianne G. - 21. 1. 2019

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