Jeff H.

Jeff Henderson
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anglický jazyk
Prague, Brno, 748 64
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
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Teaching background:
I've been teaching Slovak clients for 6 years. I met with clients from T-Systems and NESS IT by way of a Slovak language school contract. Nowadays, I have my own contracted corporate clients and private individuals. (I'm no longer teaching for a language school.)
Methodology and skills targets:
I use movies or TV shows to teach English in real-time with a special focus on full verbs, phrasal verbs, infinitives & the -ing form, use of descriptive adverbs and directional adverbs. Natural sentence structure and use of tenses, articles, prepositions are also frequently discussed, but in real-time, at the actual times when these aspects of the language need to be quickly and correctly used.
Teaching format:
I offer my services online through Skype using screen-share to show you my computer screen, then to ask you to describe what you see in the videos we watch. Please note: I'm in London now, so only online meetings are possible.

My rate:
15 euros (400 czk) for 60 min.

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