Mobi M.

Mobi Mobaraki
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anglický jazyk, English
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend,

Hi, my name is Mobi. And I am a teacher at schools and also online. I graduated from English university with an English degree and I have been teaching Englsih for 2 years now. I would be happy to work on your English and help you achieve your goal.

After each lesson, you’ll have many nice and fun homework, including music and videos and magazines and etc. which will help you learn faster and better.

We will use Online board and Telegram and Skype app for our classes which makes learning much easier and more efficient.  If you like, we can communicate through Skype and I can explain about my useful and special method of teaching. I'm sure you'll love it. 

Best regards,

Mobi :-)

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