Winter is coming! Stay warm and study English by Skype.

Steven G.

Steven Gubbins
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Hi. I'm Steve.

I am a qualified, experienced, native speaker from New Zealand who also speaks Czech and I have lived in Prague for 20 years.

With over 19 years of individual and group training in schools and businesses I can help you quickly improve your English.

I am also a former TEFL Teacher Trainer and have trained several hundred Teachers of English as a Foreign language.

ts getting cold and this is the chance for motivated people like you who want to stay warm at home, the office, school or anywhere you want to be and study English by Skype :)

Is this you? You want to:
- Speak a lot
- Improve your fluency
- Improve your pronunciation
- Have your grammatical errors corrected
- Learn how to avoid similar errors in future
- Learn about English by comparing it to other languages like Czech or German .
- Ask any questions you have about English
- And mainly: Have fun and enjoy learning!

Send me a mail, I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

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