Spanish/English conversation & Drums lessons for a good price ☝️

Jorge M.

Jorge M.
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španělský jazyk, Spanish conversation, Španělská konverzace, grammar, Drums lessons, hra na bicí nástroje, Inline Skating lessons, Rollerblading, copywriting, English, anglický jazyk
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350Kč - 440Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer,
dochází za studenty
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¡Hola! Ahoj, I hope you find well.

My name is Jorge, I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia but also I lived in Canada for a while. Recently, I got lucky enough, and I moved to the Czech Republic to find better opportunities in my life.

I'm a professional advertiser, who has worked as a copywriter and creative launching marketing campaigns. Besides my career, I have had experience playing the drums for more than +8 years, touring and producing +3 albums for hardcore and punk rock bands. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my skills with others, that's why if you wanna learn how to:

✅ Speak Spanish or English 📖 (Grammar & conversations).
✅ Play the drums 🥁 (Techniques, coordination, paradiddles & more).
✅ Or even how to Rollerblade ⛸ (balance, grinds, jumping, speed).

I'll be happy to help you, just send me a message and we'll coordinate to find the scheduling that works best for you ;)

IG: @firomartinez

Thanks for reading.

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