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Brno, Praha, Ostrava
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
300Kč - 300Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend
70% zodpovězených zpráv
5h průměrná rychlost odpovědi

Hello there!

My name is Kristyna, I am a TEFL qualified teacher and I've been teaching English for over 4 years now.

Feel free to check-out my facebook page: 'English with Kriss' with loads of embarrassing videos :D
you can also find me on Italki or LiveXP platform :)

I offer a free trial lesson which is usually a chat for about an hour, just to get to know each other and to see if we have the same vision :)

I specialise in conversation classes, and by that, I mean a real conversation.

I’ve got tons of activities with only one purpose, and that is to get you speaking, challenge yourself and learn as many new words and phrases as possible.

Immerse yourself in English, get comfortable and acquire confidence, practise your ability to speak spontaneously, learn how to react to any possible question.

My activities will get you speaking, you will grow in confidence, you will lose the fear of making mistakes, and you will realise that your English is much better than you thought :)

I ask you the questions, give you the inspiration of what to talk about, I fill in your gaps with new words when you struggle, give you synonyms for the words you already know, correct your mistakes and see where you are lacking.

Naturally, these kinds of classes include grammar lessons, learning new vocabulary and phrases, so trust me, at the end of each class you end up with a massive list of new things which you will find useful in the future.
I also offer more structured lessons which include grammar/listening/reading exercises.

Hope to see you soon!



Charles S. Charles S.
0 odučených lekcí

I think everyone has to know how you struggle to hold your wee :D :D Don't let her drink coffee before the lesson! hehe - 16. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

Oh look at you, you little cheeky bugger! hahaha That's all I get after all those years, well nice haha xxx - 16. 4. 2021

Alena H. Alena H.
0 odučených lekcí

It blows my mind ;) how quick I improved with Kristy and how much enjoyable lessons are. We just talk and laugh but I feel better and better and my Egnlish is better and better. Thank you. xxx - 16. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

Thank YOU Ali. I really appreciate it. Cannot wait to hear about your Christmas and summer holidays hahahahahaha xxx - 16. 4. 2021

Ondrěj L. Ondrěj L.
0 odučených lekcí

Im studying English since high school. but only last 3 years with you I enjoy very much. Before I was BORED during lessons, whith you we have fun always. You are not BORING, you are gorgeous :D Ondra xxxxxxxxxxx - 16. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

I'm incredibly impressed Andy! Look at you! Now you've earned the Golden Star, I'm gonna make it out of chocolate for you. xxxxxxxx - 16. 4. 2021

Denisa P. Denisa P.
0 odučených lekcí

I want join my colleagues and support Kristy too. I like our lessons very much and I look forward to see her every week. My english is not great. But I feel great with her. She is funny and kind. And lovely :D her favorite word - 15. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

Your English IS GREAT Denny! Thank you for your support, it's very lovely from you hahaha xx - 16. 4. 2021

Radek S. Radek S.
0 odučených lekcí

This lovely lady started to teach in our company in 2018. I didn't like English before, in fact, I hated it. Now I love it. That's the story. - 15. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

Apt, simple and funny as usual. Thank you very much Radek, see ya soon xx - 16. 4. 2021

Jarka V. Jarka V.
0 odučených lekcí

Kristy has asked me to write her a review and really want to support her because she is the best! Our lessons started 2 years ago and don´t know what I would do without her. Our lessons are full of laughter, fun and positive energy. I never believed that I could become fluent and enjoy learning. But with her it is a piece of cake!! - 15. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

You are the best Jari! Thank you soooo much. Now I'm really craving some cake, thanks :( haha xx - 16. 4. 2021

Daniela P. Daniela P.
0 odučených lekcí

Kris has been teaching me for more than a year and I couldn't be happier. (Not on this website though). She's always positive and energetic and our classes are so much fun. She has really helped me with my fear of speaking and I don't have any problems with picking up the phone and speaking with my foreign colleagues. I can only recommend! - 15. 4. 2021

Krisstynaa B Odpověď:

Thank you so much Dani, I'm positive only thanks to you. Excited to see you soon. xx - 16. 4. 2021

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