Matej Š.

Matej Š.

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Matej Š.

Přijímá nové studenty

IB graduate advanced English tutoring in Prague

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  • Preferované časy: dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend
Preferované časy: dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend



I’m Matej, an IB graduate, willing to tutor somebody keen on deepening their knowledge of English and ability to put it into use. I’d prefer somebody aiming to reach the advanced level over beginners although should one be motivated enough, I’d be willing to reconsider my stance. Having quite a broad diapason of interests, I hold that my offer might be the most beneficial to those seeking to improve their English level for professional use but also to those considering taking a certificate.

Aside from furthering your knowledge of English, I offer tutoring to students of international schools, namely those hoping to improve in the areas of Maths, Economics, or History.

I’ll be looking forward to answer any of your questions :)