Aleix R.

Aleix Ramon
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 španělský jazyk, kytara, hudební výchova, angličtina - konverzace, hudebni produkce
  250Kč - 450Kč za 60 minut
  dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend,
  dochází za studenty
  doučuje i skupiny

Hola! I am a Spanish teacher and professional guitar player from Barcelona. I offer private lessons in Spanish for all levels and ages, according to your needs. I also give private guitar and music theory lessons, from zero to music prodigy! :)

Because I am from Barcelona, I am a native Spanish speaker. Spanish from Spain is the original and most neutral Spanish, but if your aim is to travel to a country from Latin America I can adapt the lessons to learn the dialect of the country - each Latin American country has its own dialect!

As a professional musician, I have experience not only giving private lessons but also playing in numerous bands in Spain and composing music for films, video games, and advertisement (including big names like Nike or Decathlon)

The guitar lessons are for any kind of guitar (classical, acoustic or electric) and any style you want (Classical, Spanish Flamenco, Pop, Rock, Jazz...).

The music theory lessons are aimed to provide an easy and practical understanding of music, making it easier to play an instrument and - if you want - to compose your own songs!

** Feel free to contact me, I am an open and friendly guy :) **


Aleix je velmi sympaticky a pratelsky, ve Spanelstine jsem zacatecnik a Aleix ma trpelivost, mluvi pomalu, vse zopakuje a vysvetli. Na hodiny se pripravuje a zalezi mu na studentech. Jsem velmi spokojena

Saša S. - 5. 10. 2017

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