Teaching language and literature in the time of confinement

Narmin I.

Narmin Ismiyeva
Účet ověřený:

anglický jazyk, literatura, ruský jazyk
Praha, Praha, Praha
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
200Kč - 400Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend

My name is Narmin. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in the department of Anglophone Cultures and Literatures at Charles University specializing in Critical and Cultural Theory. I speak basic Czech.

Due to the current situation, I am offering online classes via Skype, Zoom, and MS Teams. I teach English (conversation, grammar, and academic writing), Russian (conversation), and literature (discussions, literary criticism, and literary analysis).

If you would like to practice your English skills or broaden your knowledge of literature feel free to contact me!

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