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Pavel J.

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Pavel J.

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Let's speak English

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Hi !

I am Pavel and I'd like to offer a nice English chat to anybody who wants to learn English.

I belive the best way to learn a language is to simply speak it.

By interesting conversation topics we can improve your vocabulary, correct some grammar mistakes and simply get you speaking.

This course is more targeted to people who already have some basics and want to learn how to speak the language.

I prefer to work in the afternoons and evenings.

Few words about myself:

Besides the primary and grammar school knowledge of English I also studied English at Hradec Králové university.

But my best English experience is speding a few months in Australia.

Nowdays I work in an international company where I use English everyday.

So ! If you are interested in some nice proper English chat, do not hesitate to contact me.

Lookin' foward !