Joe B.

Joe B.

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Joe B.

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Professional linguistic training

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Preferované časy: dopoledne, po obědě, večer
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My name is Joe Bittersmann. I'm from Monterey California. I have been
living and teaching in central Europe for 13 years. Teaching in Europe
has been a fantastic cultural and linguistic learning experience. I have
lived in various places around the world, including South America North
America, Australia, Europe, and Alaska. My languages include English
as my native language and Czech at the B-2 level. I enjoy fishing,
hunting, culinary arts, and American football. I hope that my experiences
as both a world traveler and multi-lingual speaker will motivate and
benefit your learning experience.
1- University of Phoenix
Field of study- Business Communication, International
Business affairs, and Negotiations.
2-Wyoming Technical Institute
Field of study - Advanced Automotive Technology, Engine
management systems, Power flow Technology, Hydraulics,
Service management
Diplomas and Certifications-
- Technical degree- A.A
- Bachelor‘s degree- B.S
Teaching experience1- Business English
2- Technical English
3- Cambridge certificates- KET,PET,FCE and CAE/Preparation
4- 10 Years of online experience
5- 13 years of Esl experience
6- Audio dubbings
7- Further educating pedagogical workers
8- Methodological development
9- Intensive courses and summer children's camp

Joe Bittersmann B.s,A.a/Tefl certified

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