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Kiran V.

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Practice your English with flexible and motivated tutor

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Hello! My name is Kiran, I'm 22 years old and I would like to help you improve your English.
Together, we will better your writing and speaking skills for school and for life in general. I can help you with your exams, essays, homework, conversational fluency...

As I am Belgian, my Czech is very basic. That will force us to use English to communicate, which will guarantee improving your everyday talking skills.
Although I'm technically not a native speaker of English, my English is excellent (C2 level). I also know very well in which areas foreign students struggle.

I am very passionate about languages and teaching. I offer a friendly and flexible environment to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. The duration of courses can vary based on your preference (1 - 2 hours).

If you're interested or have questions, send me a message and we'll figure out what is best for you!

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