Miles K.

Miles K.

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Miles K.

Přijímá nové studenty

Miles Koblin - Guitar/English teacher from Hawaii

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English Teacher in the Czech Republic for 15+ years including conversation and business English.

Born in San Diego California and raised in Hawaii, Miles has studied classical guitar and contemporary music since childhood. His musical experiences have ranged both from performing and recording Reggae, Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, Afro and World Beat to accompanying Jazz bands and classical ensembles. Miles continues his musical career and studies of Classical-Flamenco guitar in Europe where he has been living and teaching for the past ten years. Teacher since the age of seventeen.

As both an experienced teacher and performance artist, I teach my students of all ages and interests; beginner – advanced:

• Music Theory- Scales, Chords, Reading, Rhythm
• Guitar technique
• Improvisation
• Songs and Phrases
• All Music Genres – Acoustic Electric & Bass
• How to improve Musicianship or simply learn basic skills

I Individualize lessons to your needs and interests while helping you to find “your style.”

I offer a variety of lessons and payment plans which can tailor to your needs and interests. Including Group lessons, Zoom and downloadable Video Lesson Packages.

I teach using the free voice/video chat and instant messaging platform Create an account and either add me to your contacts or send me your user name: MilesKoblin#8634

Thank you!

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