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I am Fabien from Australia. I have over 3 years experience teaching English and am Cambridge certified (CELTA). My accent is very mild and can be adapted to which accent (Irish, American, Scottish, English, South African, New Zealand, even more Australian lol) you like or wish to learn in. I have the advantage of being a language student, myself (Chinese, Italian, Russian and German).

I hope I will be able to assist you in accomplishing your language goals. I am a Biology major, primarily, who also studied Commerce, Music and Medical Science. This makes me able to introduce and engage my students' interests in depth on a number of topics. I can also do proofreading and help with homework (I even helped edit a PhD thesis for one of my students). However, the emphasis in my lessons is on speaking. I want you to speak freely with PERSONALITY and without inhibition!

I've worked in a wide range of professional settings including hospital (Emergency Department), local government, university and various labs so I am familiar with the different communication styles and the terminology used in these environments.

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