Prices for tutors

As a tutor, creating a profile is free. On meet'n'learn tutors only pay for connected students. Unlimited communication with students is possible through the following options:

1 month 199,00Kč

billed monthly

no contract period book subscription
3 months 425,00Kč

billed once every 3 months

no contract period book subscription
1 year 999,00Kč

billed annually

no contract period book subscription

What do tutors have to say about meet'n'learn?


I've found many new students that have later also become my friends. Thanks to meet'n'learn, I'm also learning while teaching others.


Meet'n'learn is a great source for me to find new students. The simplicity and great support convinced me.


The meet'n'learn portal has surprised me positively in many ways. I'm using it for several months now and I'm sure we're going to cooperate more. Definitely a thumbs up for this project!

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