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Tina S.

Tina Solis
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anglický jazyk, anglický jazyk - zš, anglický jazyk - sš, anglický jazyk pro personalistiku
Plzeň, Ostrava, Brno
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
230Kč - 240Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer,
doučuje i skupiny
100% zodpovězených zpráv
1h průměrná rýchlost odpovědi

My name is Tina and I teach English online. My goal as a teacher is for you to feel comfortable speaking English. I specialize in English conversation, English for kids and English for HR.

My teaching style

My lessons are typically informal and conversational, and we can talk about anything that you like. From time to time, I will encourage you to read news articles aloud so that I will listen to you and correct your grammar and pronunciation just in case you would make any mistakes. I would also encourage you to write a summary of the article so that you would develop your writing skills and I would proofread it (if necessary). Most of all, I would like you to share your thoughts or opinions about the article that we have read.

I am a member of a team of teachers at MyOnlineTeacher.cz. If you would like to try a class with me, please contact me through Doucuji.eu or at MyOnlineTeacher.cz

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