Dunja I.

Dunja I.

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Dunja I.

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Conversational English in the Afternoon

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  • Preferované časy: po obědě, večer
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Preferované časy: po obědě, večer
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Hello there!

My name is Dunja, I'm an MA student of English literature at Charles University, and conversational classes are my specialty.

How does it work? We talk, I provide corrections and suggest new words and phrases, and I write it down for you (I do the writing, not you!). At the end of the class, we go through the notes together. Occasionally, I provide additional textbook material to practice grammar, or whatever else you may need.

Also good to know: I have an excellent American accent, and a lot of experience with Czech students. I understand and speak Czech (still learning :-)), so I can translate and explain something if needed, but we will try to communicate only in English. That is how you learn!

I am available for classes in the afternoon. Location: anywhere that suits us both. And another note: classes of this kind are recommended if you already speak and understand English at least a bit.

Any questions? Just ask.

Thank you for reading and hope to meet you soon!

Contact: dunja[.]ilic[@]gmail[.]com or [774197439] (WhatsApp)

P. S. The price depends on the location. Get in touch :)