French Experienced Native Teacher

Samuel A.

Samuel Arteman
Účet ověřený:

francouzský jazyk, anglický jazyk, čínština
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
450Kč - 450Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer,
dochází za studenty
doučuje i skupiny
25% zodpovězených zpráv
8h průměrná rýchlost odpovědi

Hello language lovers!

With an expertise of 7 years in the field of language teaching in Brussels and Shanghai, I am now in Prague to share my passion for languages.

I am pleased to offer French, English and Mandarin chinese courses in the heart of Prague.

My lessons propose an important focus on strengthening your confidence when it comes to actually speaking and writing the language. Exercises in contexts applied to real-life situations will allow you to express yourself with ease in no time.

Remember, a language lesson should always be you speaking 80% of the time and the teacher providing help and assistance.

The main points of my teaching philosophy are:

1) Never fear to make mistakes: it's the best key to progress.
2) Always provide the teacher with suggestions and ideas: it is your learning time and should be dedicated to your needs and expectations.
3) Always ask for more: homework, explanation, examples. I expect my students to be thirsty with knowledge.
4) You never ask too many questions: students should never fear to stop the teacher when more explanation or details are needed.
5) There really are NO stupid questions: every student has his/her own learning style and pace. I don't mind repeating and rephrasing until it is completely clear to you.

I Studied a Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation (English-French-Chinese) in Brussels and a Master's degree in International Relations in Shanghai International Studies University.

Over the years, I have worked with different companies in Belgium, China and Prague as a freelance teacher. Amazon, Mall.CZ, SAP, Sanofi, Czech Airlines, are some of the companies with which I have collaborated. I also enjoyed teaching directly to people of all ages and walks of life.

Whatever your age, background or language level, fear not and embark the great journey that learning a new language is!

Courses can be taught one-to-one or as a group, at your home, or anywhere in Prague.

Let's learn together !


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Courses available everyday from 8:00 to 19:00

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