Nastya H.

Nastya H.

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Nastya H.

Přijímá nové studenty

An English tutor

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Cena Od 300 Kč/hod
Preferované časy: po obědě, večer, víkend
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I have been working as an online English tutor.

I love my job and the opportunities it gives my students .

In this short period of time, I managed to develop such professional qualities and skills as:
grammatically correct speech; humanism; discipline; knowledge of pedagogical theory; knowledge of the basics of psychology; sociability; love for children; persistence; moral; responsibility; pedagogical tact; decency; sanity; restraint; justice; patience; exactingness; honesty; sense of humor.

I am a certified ALLRIGHT teacher.

I usually use foreign textbooks for teaching, if the students do not have a specific textbook of their choice.

I am a supporter of the following teaching methods:

• communicative;

• visual and illustrative;

• verbal and explanatory;

• TBL-Task (learning based on tasks);

•PPP (performance, practice, production), etc.

In general, I adjust (select methods and techniques) individually for each student, in accordance with his needs and characteristics.

It should be noted that in the lessons I use a variety of applications, interesting materials, didactic tasks, songs, audio recordings, cartoons, films, fairy tales, depending on the age category of the student and his preferences.

My students get a lot of motivation and 24/7 support. This help them to gain a solid knowledge.

My professional qualification is: Primary Education Teacher, Foreign Language Teacher at Primary School.
My education did not end there, I improved myself in the study of foreign languages, continuing my studies at various courses and trainings, which allowed me to get to know and put into practice the latest teaching methods.

As far as work experience is concerned:

— I have experience working with students of different levels (from weak to advanced);

—I have experience working with different age categories from 3-40 years old;

— I have experience in individual and group lessons.

If any of you want to enroll in my courses, write to me.

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