Anastasia: English and Russian professional teacher in Prague

Anastasia A.

Anastasia A.
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Praha, 190 00 vysočanska
Doučuje i přes skype / internet
500Kč - 600Kč za 60 minut
dopoledne, po obědě, večer, víkend
dochází za studenty
doučuje i skupiny
20% zodpovězených zpráv
32h průměrná rychlost odpovědi

I am a professional language teacher who has moved to Prague to work for in-company courses. I hold a diploma in English philology and Methods of teaching as well as an internationally recognised TEFL certificate issued by Trinity University. I have experience in teaching three langueges English, Swedish and Russian for various purposes and different levels and age groups. I have worked as a teacher of English and Swedish in both private and governmental schools of Saint Petersburg and am currently working for the two biggest private language schools of Prague. As a teacher of Russian I worked for American Councils for 3 years in Saint Petersburg and tought Russian in a folkhögskola in Sweden for the semester during my studies there.

Teaching languages is really my passion and I try my best to show how engaging and exciting the process of foreign language can be to my students. I try to find an individual approach to each of my students depending on his/her needs and interests and use a variety of textbooks , websites and original books and videos. Therefore my students always show good results when passing governmental or international exams, successully pass the job interviews and get into universities.

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